Powerful industrial automation solutions.

Experience our team of experts that will bring you world-class industrial automation solutions for the sustainable future of your business.

We integrate people and ideas, skills and technology to the service and development of automated systems for assembly, monitoring, measurement and control, with the aim of improving the quality, efficiency and sustainability of products and production processes.

About Easeus Solutions

Easeus Solutions is a registred business founded in 2014 in Kenya. Over the years, it has grown from providing consumer software to its clients, to a business trusted with developing highly tailored bespoke industrial automation solutions. In 2015, we noticed that our clients were not satisfied with consumer-grade solutions, so we immediately started developing in-house remedies for them. This approach has delivered powerful solutions bound in operational familiarity. The joy of seeing our customers' satisfaction has kept us on this track ever since.

  • Mission: To help our clients make their businesses lucrative with easy solutions.
  • Vision: Our vision is to be a leading automation solutions provider in Africa.
  • With our industrial automation solutions, we will scale up your production while guaranteeing energy savings and engineering efficiency.

We promise our clients that every solution we provide will be cost-effective and easy to use. With our perfectly tailored remedies, you will not have to relearn your business in order to use our solutions.

Supported Automation Brands

Our Values


We encourage an innovative culture and attitude. We think of numerous approaches and strive to apply innovative thinking and creativity to create quality and sustainable solutions.


We do what is right to all stakeholder and deliver what we promise.

User friendliness

By developing bespoke solutions, we ensure that all our industrial automation projects handed over are practical, convenient, easy to learn, operate and maintain. We take great care not to add any unnecessary extra costs to our customers.


The enthusiasm for the industry we are part of is displayed by how we handle our projects with agility, fervour and our delight on the results.


Check Out our Services

PLC Programming

Programmable Logic Controllers are the heart of automation. At Easeus Solutions, you can have a miriad of PLCs programed including Siemens, Allen-Bradely, Mitsubishi, Bechoff, Schneider etc.


Get HMI and SCADA solutions for dynamic process monitoring, data logging, faster maintenance with reduced downtimes, and predictive maintenance.

Web-based Data Analysis

Industry 4.0 includes analysis of collected data for prompt decision making. Intergrate your database and get all the useful information analysed and displayed on a standard web browser.

Instrumentation & Process Control

Measure and transmit process variables for process control, visualization/monitoring, and data collection.

Variable Speed Drives and Servo Drives

Save up to 50% of energy used by motors with the use of VFD/VSD. Monitor and control critical motor-driven process, e.g. pumping, fans, positioning etc with VFDs and servor drives.

Pneumatics and Electropneumatics

Pneumatics systems provide primary movement in food and beverage industries. At Easeus Solutions, we design and integrate pneumatic and electopneumatic systems into

Hydraulics and Electrohydraulics

Obtain designs and integrate hydraulic systems into your motion crictical large force applications.

Machine Vision

With machine vision, you can catch product defects with image-based automatic inspection. You can also use machine vision for guidance and process control among other tasks.

Industrial Robotics

Robots are great for doing precision placing and repetitive tasks, quickly and with high accuracy.

Automation Troubleshooting

If you are having any problem with your automated process, or inefficiencies have arisen, you can count on us to get to the bottom of the problem and come out with a lasting solution.

Electrical Design and Power Protection

Get electrical designs for power supply, power protection, reliable data transmission, and effective cabinet utilization.


Cut down your research and development time by getting expert advice on all of your automation needs.

FREE! We now offer zero cost proof of concept.

Align Your Manufacturing Business With the 4th Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 makes it possible to gather and analyze data across machines, enabling faster, more flexible, and more efficient processes to produce higher-quality goods at reduced costs.


Easeus Solutions in numbers

Some interesting facts about us.


Happy Clients: we guarantee our clients 100% satisfaction on the projects we deliver.


Projects Completed: with a team experienced in research and development, no project is beyond our scope.

Years of experience: Easeus Solutions was founded in 2014, but our skills were honed and valuable experience achieved way before its conception. Our current team consititutes a grand total of 50+ years of experience.


Supported brands: we support and have experience on 20+ top industrial automation brands.

Paul Ngare

Ceo & Founder

All we had to do is tell them how we currently do it [manual adjustments], and then they did their magic. I would readily use their services again.

Richard Amateshe

O&M Manager

The further you on get with it [industrial automation], the more things you realize you can control & monitor to make better products and save on production cost.

Sarah Atieno

Project Engineer

I loved working with a team that understands everything even before you mention it. That was the easiest project I have ever handled.

Evans Kemboi

O&M Manager

It [tablet press machine] had been down for almost a month. They brought it back to life and now production is back to full capacity.


Check Out our Team

Brian Nyamweya (P.E)

Electrical and Electroniccs Engineer (CTO)

John Langat (P.E, C.E.M)

Lead Consulting Mechanical Engineer

Elvis Kivutha

Mechanical Technician

Doreen Wahome

Electrical Technician


Contact Us


Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya

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